Lace school Artofil

The aim of our lace school is to instruct lace making on a high level and thus ensure the promotion of our quality laces not only national, but all over the world. As well in traditional as in modern laces, we are looking for the extraordinary to turn lace into real art!

Some special projects are 'under construction'.

Mrs. Cecile Mussche is making an 'éénbloemer' (means one flower) in Beveren lace. Mrs. Nadine Pauwels made a technical drawing from an old pricking which she received from the late Mrs. Maria Cools. Beveren lace was very important in our region: the lace was made for the bonnets of the richer Dutch ladies to wear with their magnificent traditional costumes. The lace was sold per 'el' (an old measure of 69cm). The fewer lace motifs that were made in one el, the broader the lace became and thus more expensive. An 'éénbloemer' means that there was but one motif for an el. Another student from our school is a Dutch lady, Mrs. Taetske Koster. She made the lace for her own bonnet and wears it now proudly with her traditional costume.

A new project was named 'Artiflora': Mrs. Nadine Pauwels designed a flower in Art Nouveau style. She made the corresponding technical drawing and pricking and now Mrs. Maria Dom has taken on the task to make the lace. It is a design in Flanders lace. When finished it will measure 1 m by 1,50 m. Over 2000 bobbins are filled with 10'000 m of thread and about 100'000 pinholes will be pushed through the pricking. She plans to finish this masterpiece in the summer of 2018. Come and see!

2018 will be a special year for the Belgian lace makers as the World Lace Congress Brugge 2018 will then take place. There will be exhibitions, lectures, workshops and conferences all over the country. Artofil will host 4 different exhibitions in Temse. We expect many visitors from all over Europe and the world.


At 'Kantgalerij' you'll find pictures of our latest activities.