Lace school Artofil

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The aim of our lace school is to instruct lace making on a high level and thus ensure the promotion of our quality laces not only national, but all over the world. As well in traditional as in modern laces, we are looking for the extraordinary to turn lace into real art!

August 2018: a special opportunity to explore Belgian lace!

Lace school Artofil will display some special lace at four different locations:

At the church you'll discover lace inspired on the wood sculptures of the church or the motifs of the chasubles.

In the city hall you'll admire the technical side of the traditional Belgian lace.

The Dacca in the Kasteelstraat 74 hosts the contemporary lace.

And still more lace in the chapel of the 'Broederschool'. And what's more: here you'll have the opportunity to take a refreshment. Perhaps a little beer specially brewed for Artofil.


All these locations are open during each weekend and festive days of August from 10 til 18h.

For groups we open during week days on simple request (0476/88 30 91 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Free entrance.